10 KJ Ramsay: For When You're Into the Enneagram


10: For When You’re Into the Enneagram


about kj:

KJ Ramsey is a recovering idealist, writer, and therapist living in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two dogs. She is writing her first book, telling the story of God’s solidarity with our suffering and the way his nearness changes everything.

about the episode

Listen in as your host Blake chats with KJ - a writer, therapist, & fellow Enneagram enthusiast. They talk about finding your type, mistyping as the wrong Enneagram number, their favorite things about learning about yourself, and how to learn more about the Enneagram.


Ways to Find Your Enneagram Type
How the Enneagram Can Point You to God
Self to Lose - Self to Find
Sacred Enneagram

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