02 Jenn Prentice: For When You Don't Feel Like Enough

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02 Jenn Prentice:
For When You Don’t Feel Like Enough


about Jenn

Jenn Prentice is a proud wife, boy mom, and college professor who loves teaching people just
about anything. She’s a strong two on the Enneagram, which means that at her worst,
she’s a serial people pleaser and at her best, she wants to help and encourage as many people as she can.

At 33, her people pleasing (sometimes perfectionist) tendencies got out of control, and
she found herself at a crossroads. She now encourages women to find freedom from the “everyday chaos” of life and time for what matters through managing our minds, possessions, time and relationships better.

about the episode

Listen in as host Blake Guichet chats with Jenn about perfectionism, not feeling like enough, her past struggle with an eating disorder, & how God has been faithful to walk her to the other side.


Armor of God Study
Reflections on Eating Disorder Recovery & Perfectionism

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