01 Jeanette Tapley: For When You Feel Competitive

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01 Jeanette Tapley:
For When You Feel Competitive


about Jeanette

Jeanette Tapley is a wife to Jesse Tapley of almost 14 years. Mother to Zeke, Titus and Zoe. She loves talking to friends and laughing loudly, advocating for adoption, and a nice cup of coffee. Jeanette is the host of the It’s Time For Coffee podcast where she interviews friends new and old in hopes of connecting others and meeting her friends right where they are.

Her passion lies in other women finding themselves in a less lonely state knowing they have friends and others around them in the same stages of life. At 32 years old she is coming into the understanding that God made her just the way she is…If He wanted her any differently then He would’ve made her that way! Jeanette longs to be a friend to all and enjoys bringing others together.

about the episode

Listen in as host Blake Guichet chats with her producer and fellow podcaster Jeanette Tapley about navigating a world that tells us we are each other’s competition. Jeanette is a wife, mother of 3, podcaster at It’s Time for Coffee, and the producer of the Confessions of a Crappy Christian podcast. Oh, and she’s Blake’s best friend.


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