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simple skincare routine blog post 2019

Before you judge, I KNOW. I know. But I solemnly swear I get so many DMs about my skin that it was time to make it easier for all of us with an easily accessible blog post. I’ve worked real hard to get to the place my skin is now, and the list of products below proves it, ha.

Some notes:

  • I have combo skin, so my T-Zone gets oily and my cheeks are dry. I struggle with blackheads and the occasional acne breakout.

  • I am not a dermatologist!

  • There are affiliate links used here.

  • Yes, I use a lot of stuff on my face. This is a safe, judgement free space, k?

Non-Product Recommendations:

  • Drink tons of water. As the influencers will tell you, half your body weight in ounces. Get you a big ole Yeti cup or something and go to town. It helps clear skin significantly more than products.

  • Stop popping your pimples. All you’re doing is shoving that junk back into your face, even though some comes out. If you have a big one that you can’t stand to leave, put heat on it, then use a tool to puncture and pull the gunk out, and stick a zit patch on it.

  • Wash. Your. Pillowcases. At least once a week. You’re rubbing your face all up in it every night…and then laying back down on it. Some of my worst break outs have come from being lax on this.

  • Give your face a break. There’s a good chance you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of breakout >> cover up with makeup >> worsen break out >> repeat. So if you can, try to give your face a day or two off from makeup and just do sunscreen and a BB or CC cream.

simple skincare routine blog post 2019


In this order.




Low maintenance summer face.





Derma-E Microdermabrasion Scrub // Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial // GlamGlow SuperMud // Mario Badescu Silver Powder

I mask 2 - 3x a week (so bougieeee), cycling between these three masks. I almost always exfoliate before the GlamGlow and Silver Powder!

And that’s it.

That’s everything I do to keep my skin happy, healthy, glow-y, & DM worthy, ha.

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