Let's Get Ready

Okay, here’s the deal. I feel better about myself with a little something on my face. I’m super intentional about taking care of my skin, but even still -it’s far from perfect. Taking the five minutes in the morning to put on a little makeup, even if I’m just going to throw on a baseball hat, honestly goes a really far way for feeling put together. So, if you want to streamline your morning routine, I pulled together all 9 of the products I use on a normal day to feel a little more pulled together and ready to face the day {pun 100% intended}.

Five Minute Face | Everyday Makeup Routine

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PRIME / I’ve used almost every primer under the sun, I just always come back to this one
TINT / I don’t like to wear heavy foundation on a normal day, but I want some coverage. This covers but still feels light!
SET / Drugstore powder for the win, y’all! This stuff is the best.
BRONZE / Okay, even on my “no makeup makeup” days, I still bronze and highlight. It takes 2 seconds!
BLUSH / Because you don’t want to look dead.
HIGHLIGHT / I got this highlighter in my beauty box a couple of months ago and I’m addicted. But skip that dark top part. It’s too dark.
BROWS / Filling in my brows is the most tedious part of my make up routine, but then I discovered brow mascara and now I can have brows on fleek without the time!
LASHES / Another beauty box find turned addiction, this stuff makes my lashes so long and lasts all day.


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Blake Guichet