Affiliate Stuff


What’s affiliate mean? It means I make money when you click links. That’s the short story. Basically, businesses and programs offer the opportunity to become an affiliate of their company, and when people shop or sign on via their personalized link, that individual makes a bump off the money spent. Make sense? It’s an easy way for internet personalities to create passive income which in turn allows them to keep creating the things you love.

So, below are all of my affiliate links. By now hopefully you know that I don’t tell you about stuff I don’t love / believe in / use myself. And that’s all the more the case here than ever. I use all of these things and swear by them, and if you need a personal review, hit me up, because I love to talk about the stuff I love.


My client management / invoicing program. This thing basically runs my businesses.

How I schedule everything from design clients to podcast guests.

The new name in the email marketing game. And the best name.